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#21945 Ride arounds

Posted by seamonkey on 23 March 2017 - 10:18 AM

so you think the reroute "fossil ridge" is just a dirt path? You do know that the trail along the loop road is still there for you to climb and descent at free will, right?! So you are saying that you prefer 300 feet of tech next to a road compared to the opportunity to build a mile long addition at Greensfelder?


A berm on that turn would be great and it could even accommodate the rocks with a slight alteration. We can berm the heck out of everything BUT it's a multi-use horse park and we haven't even had a wet enough winter to see what an 'average' winter + equestrians hoof damage would do to the berms. I like berms too but it's easy to get caught up building them and forget about maintaining them.


I keep saying / begging -- if there's enough people that want a flow trail WHY doesn't a group of solid, hard-working, visionary-types get together and form a facebook group, WRITE a solid proposal and then PRESENT it to a land agency.


It's easier to bag on the club that builds trails than to try and form a coalition with a singular vision of flow-oriented trails. I'd argue that STL could have another mtb club form to tackle the FLOW EQUATION. And trying to make "dedicated" flow trail work at Greensfelder seems nuts. It's the MOST HORSE PARK of open-to-horses parks. As soon as some hiking/biking land is available I say we SHOULD go FlowNuclear and build it out.


I think there's about 80 acres up by the airport that might be open for trail ideas but NO ONE WANTS TO DRIVE ANYWHERE (but they'll drive 4-6 hours to ride in Arkansas). And that's land that might be primed to build on given the right opportunity or pitch. Maybe Babler will allow something, I don't know.


"smooth paths" start smooth and will age with time. Look at Dogwood (that most people don't seem to ride anymore), it used to be chill dirt but now it's getting to be a rocky, root, slightly eroded trail.


Trails take time. Hell, Beulah is still considered BRAND NEW in trail years. Because it is. Same with Fossil Ridge. It's like, what, 2 years old or something?


Many people forget how trail building works so let's review:

1. The land manager suggests or asks for trail additions or changes

2. GORC gets to work



GORC was asked to get involved with Rock Hollow as a multi-use designed trail.

GORC was asked to reroute existing trails at Greensfelder that were highly eroded and unsustainable. I think we're doing a pretty good job based on the amount of cars jamming the parking lots.

GORC was asked by MDC to reroute a portion of Lost Valley where the gravel road was losing to the creek and also some of the existing singletrack. Not to mention MDC was closing the wooden bridge due to its deterioration and the trail on either side of the bridge. At first, they weren't sure about the reroute just below the bridge with the rocks and steep hillsides but it turned out ok and is pretty techy now.

GORC was asked to close two trails at SIUE due to the trails being outside of our initial lease agreement (a legal issue within SIUE's framework).


The club doesn't randomly go out and start changing up the trail. There's always a plan and the land agency is aware of the work. Modifying trails to be easier (tear out rocks or roots) or harder (add rocks or jumps) on your own personal time is not allowed by the land managers unless they approve it.


Our by-laws state we are a multi-use trail building club. We do not / can not advocate for a biking only trail but we are more than willing to build a biking or biking / hiking trail if the land manager states that it is their intended goal.


I don't mean to rant or sound angry but we are a volunteer organization working on a modest budget and I think we do a pretty good job without the millions in the bank.


Someone or some group prove me wrong and get to work and get some flow trail built in STL so I can go ride it.
Your new club can join IMBA and get some solid plans together to build at ...... <INSERT PUBLIC LAND SPACE NAME HERE >

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#22104 Fastest Drying Trail

Posted by B-unit on 21 April 2017 - 01:41 PM

"This is the only place I have ever been where people worry about rain and mud"

Well, if you google "trail closure hotline" or "trail conditions wet closure" you'll get results from coast to coast. This most certainly is not the only place where people worry about rain and mud.
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#22103 Fastest Drying Trail

Posted by Kirby on 21 April 2017 - 12:58 PM

Easy: those places have different soil types that dry much more rapidly and erode differently. Our soils when broken away from the substrate tend to blow/flow away and riding in wet conditions promotes that process of erosion. We also promote leave no trace and tire ruts definitely don't abide by that policy.

Also, just cause people don't worry about it doesn't make it a non issue. IMBAs rules of the trails has it as their number two rule....


And they evolved from CO and are international as the name implies.
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#23747 Out of towers

Posted by The Krackheads on 22 April 2018 - 07:38 AM

For whatever reason I decided to roll through the campground at GF pre ride yesterday afternoon. I came across a group with Illinois-Iowa license plates, bikes and tents set up. I stopped in to see where they were from and talk about where they were riding. They were from Chicago and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Fridays ride was Berryman which they raved about and yesterday was Chubb in the am and BV-RH in the afternoon. They raved about the local trails, how friendly everyone was including great horse-cyclist interaction. I spent about 20 minutes with them and shoved off, The take away being that we do have world class trails here and are a destination for MTB'rs. Bravo!
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#23632 Belleview Farms Press Release

Posted by 95vtr250 on 15 March 2018 - 09:47 AM

*******Press Release*******


The Gateway Off-Road Cyclists have made a proposal to the City of Wildwood and St. Louis County to build a downhill directional flow trail in the currently undeveloped Belleview Farms Park.  This park is along the Meramec River corridor that includes the Al Foster Trail, Bluff View Trail System, Castlewood and West Tyson Trail Systems.  The Belleview Farms Trail System would be an extension of the already great trails along this corridor, but would provide the type of trails not available in our area and desired by many mountain bikers.


This proposal has been brought to the Wildwood City Council, so now is the time to make this public and rally the mountain bike community.  I'm attaching the basic proposal that GORC made to the City of Wildwood and St. Louis County Parks.  The map is a concept of what we propose.  The mileages are approximate until we design the trail(s) in detail.  The open, grassy area may be off limits to trails.  The pink trail and dual slalom trail may not happen due to open space requirements and other recreational uses.  However, it is hoped we can build an intermediate level flow trail from top to bottom with some advanced features built in.


This is preliminary and with any government project, a lengthy process that must be handled professionally and with respect to the land managers rules and regulations.  Please respect the fact that this park is currently closed.  But, feel free to contact your local Wildwood City Council person and express your support for this proposal.  Even if you don't live in Wildwood, contact the parks department and let them know how much you would like to see this type of trail in our area.  We, mountain bikers, have a huge presence in the St. Louis area and GORC needs your voice to make projects like this happen.  The poll we took a couple years ago on what type of trail you would like to see had over 1,500 votes.  That number was influential in this government decision to move forward.  Let's keep up the momentum.


If the project moves forward, there will be a lot of ways to get involved.  We, of course, will need help with the building of the trails, but in order to put in a first-class pump track and skills area, we will need donations of materials, time and money.  Our portion of this project will be all done by volunteers and funded by donations.  I'm sure we will be looking into fundraising opportunities in the future.


I'm also attaching the City of Wildwood document that introduces our proposal.  The complete proposal can be found on the City of Wildwood City Council agenda web page.



Bryan Adams

Attached Files

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#22421 So Long, Farewell, Au Revois!

Posted by TenBeers on 28 June 2017 - 11:04 AM

Well, it's been a great 8 years here in STL, met a lot of cool folks and rode a lot of miles with some good people.  May have drank some beers, too.  I will miss all the great trails and people here, but I am not going too far.  Headed to Bentonville, AR for a new job, but hope to see some of you out on the trails over the next couple of weeks before we go.  And I will likely try to make it to Burnin' in the fall.


Keep up the awesome work!  I'll check in if I'm in town, and hit me up with a PM if you are headed to Bentonville.



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#22309 Switchback Hill Big Thank You!!!!

Posted by 95vtr250 on 02 June 2017 - 09:24 AM

I would like to personally thank everyone that has come out the past the past several months to help complete the six switchbacks and connecting trail on the Rock Hollow/Bluff View Trail.  My goal was to get this section of trail open for summer use.  Through everyone's hard work this has been accomplished!  This was one of the most labor intensive trail builds for 1000 feet of trail in our history.  The expertise that was exhibited by everyone involved shows in the final product.


There are still tweaks to be made as people ride it and find the "perfect" line.  We will address that next fall, but for now, we're tired and just want to ride our bikes for the summer.  GORC members put in 1,415 hours of labor on that hillside since January.  This was mostly done on non-official trail builds due to weather cancellations.  We had several Thursday evening trail builds that were attended well and really showed how much people cared about what we were doing.


I'd personally like to call out Glenn Meyer for putting in over 100 of those hours and bringing the tool trailer out whenever needed.  Volunteers like Glenn are invaluable and I can't thank him enough for his help.  Also, Paul Keppel kept me motivated and put in over 60 hours himself on that hillside.  There were many others that showed up regularly, Drew, Tom, Rich, Dan, Adam, Patrick, Cass and others...thank you very much!  There is some great features on that hillside that we all put a lot of thought in to.  After riding the completed product last night, I was amazed at how incredible it turned out.  You all did amazing work!


If you haven't had a chance to check it out, please do.  We are nearly complete with only about a 1/2 mile of the Eastern section to finish next fall.  This will complete the loop in Rock Hollow.  Design and construction on this trail started in 2009/2010.  It has been a long build and it's great to see it nearly completed.  There are areas that will need some TLC after we are done with the main construction.  We will get back to them.


Also, please respect the sign at the end of the Eastern section of trail that is at the rock slot.  The turn at the bottom of the slot is not complete and unsafe to ride.  We will work on that turn this fall.  So, for now please turn around at the sign and enjoy the trail in the other direction.


Thanks again to all the great volunteers we have in St. Louis!


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#21215 OT maps sale

Posted by The Krackheads on 17 October 2016 - 05:54 PM

If you are considering buying any OT maps be advised that the Alpine Shop in KW is having 25% off all maps thru Oct 30. 

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#25353 Alpha Gal Allergy - The Other Tick Disease

Posted by G-Tracker on 20 June 2021 - 07:36 AM

There have been many articles in the news and even in Terrain Magazine about the potential disease carrying problems with tick bites. Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, etc.  One disease that seems to not be mentioned is Alpha Gal Allergy. After 4 or 5 years of “what the heck is wrong with me” and seeing 4 or so doctors, I figured it out through an internet search after looking at an old blood test report that one doctor said not too worry about.  The blood report stated that I had an elevated allergic response to beef and pork. At that time, the doctor had said it was a false positive. The Alpha Gal Allergy was confirmed through a simple blood test that I demanded from my doctor.


What is Alpha Gal Allergy? Well it’s basically an allergy to any mammal product introduced into the body via the Lonestar Tick.  Mammal products include meat, milk, cheese, yogurt, gelatin (which also means many medications and supplements). I learned the last one the hard way after a dental procedure. Mammal products are used in so many products that I have to research or call manufacturers and ask. There is also a red algae extract called carrageenan that will trigger allergic reactions that is used as a filler for many products and unfortunately sometimes used when plumping up chickens during processing or a preservative spray for fish. Two things I can eat.


The symptoms are so numerous and also vary by individual which includes anaphylaxis and death. I basically had years of migraines, red facial flushing, late night hives (really sucks), upset stomach issues, and also moments of extreme spells of restlessness and heightened anxiety (Anaphylaxis precursor). I blamed the ladder on the migraines because it also occurred together but it was actually the mammal products that caused them both. Also, the allergic reactions show up 4 to 12 hours later which makes this disease hard to diagnose. As soon as I stopped the mammal products, ALL of the listed symptoms went away. Yep-ALL of them.


I am telling this story because maybe I can help one person who is experiencing issues. The medical community is unfortunately unaware of this disease. I was told I had too much stress, given migraine medication which I never took, and also told I had an autoimmune disease most likely  rheumatoid arthritis and told I would be taking immunosuppressors. (Never did).  There were other things diagnosed but I don’t remember them all. LOL.  A buddy at work has a friend who has it and experiences the same symptoms as me. He though, will experience anaphylaxis issues to the point of an emergency.


This disease can go away on its own or get worse with additional tick bites. It can also turn more severe for no reason so now I have an Epipen.

This is one of the better alpha gal websites I’ve found:




Like I mentioned, hopefully this can help another person. We’ve all had tick bites……probably a lot of tick bites. I know I have with all of our outdoor adventures. If you have questions you can PM me. There is one doctor in the area that I see that is educated on this disease.


Ride on GORCsters, but use that bug spray and perform those tick checks. I still ride but use OFF though my bush-whacking days are over for now. I try to avoid trails with heavy growth now.

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#24349 Cliff Cave - More good stuff on the way

Posted by KevinG on 23 February 2019 - 05:53 PM

Approvals have been granted for a new trail that we have been designing.


The plans are to put in trail from the new parking lot that will work it's way through some nice topography and connect to the Bluff Trail at the Overlook.

This will establish a trail head at the parking lot for Bluff Trail.


Best estimate on length is.75 to 1 mile.

As far as design, think Spring Valley with some flow sections similar to the recently added section of Bluff Trail.


First build will be March 16, we have the corridor prepared, honeysucle removed and are ready to make this happen!



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#23958 Indiana Double Play

Posted by sasmith on 15 July 2018 - 02:45 PM

This is a great three day trip but you could do it in two.


Day One: leave early and take I-64 to O'Bannon State Park near Corydon IN, about a 3 hr 45 min drive. O'Bannon has at least 17 miles of great singletrack with several fun flow sections.


Corydon looked like a cool town so you could just eat there and head to Brown Co. or stay the night. But Louisville KY is just up the road a bit and has all the food and drink you'd expect in a college town.


It's about 2.5 hrs from there to Nashville IN/Brown Co. State Park. We forged ahead and stayed the night in Nashville. But to do justice to O'Bannon and to have a more relaxed trip next time I'll stay in Corydon or Louisville the first night.


Day Two: either way get on up to Brown Co. State Park which by now probably has more than 30 miles of premium MTB trail. Haven't been there? Go! go now!


Nashville is all about tourism so there's lots of places to stay. Not a lot of places to eat but Big Woods Pizza and the brew pub are good. Columbus IN is a good option for a wider selection.


And if camping is your thing O'Bannon and Brown Co. are very well run state parks. (If you camp you'll save the vehicle fees, see below)


Day Three: Knock out a quick ride of your favorites from the day before and head for home via I-70 about 4.5 hrs. You'll pass through Bloomington IN on the way if you want to grab something to eat or Terre Haute is a little farther along just off the interstate.


Finally, consider buying $20 season passes at the O'Bannon gate which is good at all Indiana State Parks and goes to the trails. You have to buy a day pass anyway for $5 for each bike rider (plus $9 for out of state vehicles which goes to the park). So you'll enter the parks three days this trip and having the card gets you through the gate quicker. And if you go again in the same year you'll save a bit. Plus did I mention the $ go to the trails?

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#23533 Why the 'After' feels so good

Posted by KevinG on 23 January 2018 - 06:26 PM

The rewards of building a new section of trail are awesome!


Here are  'Before' and 'After' pictures from a couple Trail Builds.

It's pretty cool to see what was there prior to the trail magic.


Creve Coeur 

Before:          Trail goes here.JPG


During:          Trail builders at work.JPG


After:             Finished trail.JPG    



Cliff Cave

Before:           IMG_0616 (1).JPG   


After:              IMG_0882.JPG


Here are the Top 5 Reasons to attend a GORC Trail Build


                                       Number 5

 You get to hang out with other cool people and make new friends.


                                       Number 4

                You'll feel a great sense of accomplishment. 


                                       Number 3

                           Builds good trail Karma.


                             Number 2

            You get to ride what you built !!!


             And the Number 1   reason

It's just really fun to play in the dirt !



So please consider attending a Spring Trail Build 



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#22173 Sandbagging in Pacific

Posted by seamonkey on 01 May 2017 - 04:41 PM

Maybe you could chill with Saturday morning humor on this subject. Pretty much not joking.

Check back in a week or two.
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#22147 St. Charles County Parks Volunteer Appreciation Night

Posted by ohearl on 27 April 2017 - 07:27 PM

GORC was represented by Laif and myself. Very nice event in their new pavilion.
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#18973 Bluffview Conditions - 7/5

Posted by skibum77 on 06 July 2015 - 08:21 AM

While everyone is worried about what the horses are going to do to this trail, in my opinion, we mountain bikers have done a pretty good job tearing up a few parts of this trail this spring/summer.  After riding it yesterday for the first time in several weeks, there are ruts forming in parts of this trail where I've never seen ruts or standing water before.  The running condition update this year seems to be, "The first half mile is greasy/wet, but after that it's good."  The problem is, right now there's no way to get to the last two miles without going through the first half mile, and a half mile is a long way to go and a lot of trail to potentially tear up in suboptimal conditions.  Most of Zombie seems to dry out more quickly than Bluffview - please remember there are going to be days when Zombie is good and Bluffview isn't, and ride accordingly.

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#18584 The Lost Valley Big Cat.

Posted by Stl_Greaser on 06 May 2015 - 03:13 PM

Everyone be careful out at Lost Valley. A friend at work was riding there this past Sunday 5/03/2015 and actually saw a mountain lion walking down the back fire road at around the 7.5 mile marker.  He said the lion heard him and turned broad side (where he could positively identify it as a lion) and looked at him for a few seconds and walked off into the woods.


It did not show any signs of aggression at all and just simply walked into the woods and disappeared.  This does confirm that there is a big cat most likely living in the Weldon Springs area.

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#18357 Who decides to open the trail at Klondike?

Posted by Craig on 07 April 2015 - 07:47 AM

next time just ride it anyway  ...


For the record, this is NOT GORC policy, and may subject the person/people ignoring the trail closed signage to tresspassing and vandalism tickets*.


Unfortunately, trail users with this attitude make the entire group of mountain bikers look like they don't respect the resources of that particular park system, or the years of work that it took to even be ALLOWED to build trails there.


I would like to invite the forum user who goes by the handle "oldiebutnewbie" to a scheduled - or non scheduled - trail workday, so they can see the effort involved in building/maintaining trails, and why the trail closure policy was implemented in the first place.  If Saturday's don't work out due to your work or family commitments, I'll gladly work with you to find an alternate time.


Please feel free to contact me via PM thru my screen name, or see me at the meeting this evening (I won't get there until close to 7:00).


GORC is not, and has no interest in, being the "trail police".  Just passing along info.  If you don't like the trail closure policy, contact the people in charge; St. Charles County Parks Department, @ http://www.sccmo.org...arks-Recreation


The above link has Park Survey, email and phone number contact info, and they DO listen to what people have to say.

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#17042 Why aren't more trails in Missouri built like this?

Posted by Kirby on 17 July 2014 - 11:15 AM

What he said......


You also need to consider that Matson has been designed by Mtn. bikers for Mtn. bikers since day 1.  The other trail systems in the area are likely trails/areas which mtn. bikers have spent many thousands of hours developing relationships with Land Managers to even get access and to develop/refine trails for mtn. bikers to utilize along with our friends the equestrians and hikers.  We don't always get to do what we want or the land simply won't support it.


I echo Lirch's statement about showing up for workdays.  Those of us who have had a hand in building the majority of the trails in the STL area could use other peoples assistance and fresh viewpoint.  We will listen to you, especially if you are standing beside us creating some flowy trail.


BTW--if you think things aren't up to par now, count your blessings that you didn't live here 15 years ago. :)

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#15930 Trail Conditions and a Thought

Posted by supradude on 14 March 2014 - 09:09 PM

Perhaps putting up a simle sign at every trailhead with a simple, short, sweet and to the point message saying do not ride trails when wet or something to that effect?  Most likely won't stop many but "might" help add a guilty conscience factor to deter a few.



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#14571 Conditions sucked 08/14

Posted by bab74 on 14 August 2013 - 04:44 PM

It wasn't 100 degrees, didnt catch malaria, had the trail all to myself and it was dry but on a positive note I washed out on a corner and cleared some dead fall with my face. I will submit my volunteer hours:-)
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