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Posted 01 April 2013 - 10:09 PM

With our new GORC site we now offer dynamic trail conditions that are 100% user-generated.


Here's how it works:


1. Get a user account at gorctrails.com and click the uppermost right button 'register' if you do not have a user login account.


2. Surf to http://www.gorctrail...rail-conditions (you must have already logged in or you will be prompted to do so - you must have a free user account - even if you are current member but have not yet created a user/password for the main GORC site - not this forum - you will need to do so. I recommend using the same user/pass as your message board account to make your life simple trying to remember user/pass combos).


3. Now, rate the trail conditions!

Green = good to go

Amber/yellow = Caution, ok in spots, certain trails off-limits, debris, etc. you get the idea.

Red = do not ride, closed


Description: This is where you can explain what you're seeing on the ground. Freeze/thaw? Tons of trees down? User damage, flooded, etc. Again, use your best judgement. While not required to offer a description, it is useful for others to know where you are coming from.


4. THE LATEST CONDITION UPDATE OVERRIDES THE LAST UPDATED CONDITION FOR THE SPECIFIED TRAIL. So, this means that if you post a condition and 20 minutes later it has changed then that means someone is offering a different opinion than yours... Does it mean they are right - not necessarily! More on that in a bit.


5. The trail condition "logic rule" we have set is 3 days. After 3 days have rolled by with no subsequent trail condition updates, that update is 'rolled out' and the condition is automatically set to 'unknown' - meaning no one has stepped up to update the condition and therefore GORC cannot gauge whether the trail is ready to ride or not.


6. This is not a science. This feature cannot take the place of good judgment or common sense. GORC cannot guarantee the accuracy of any particular rating since this is a PUBLIC (though you must be registered) trail conditions system. GORC is not the trail police but we are encouraging people to use and refer to this rating system.


7. Again, it's about common sense. If it's 90 degrees in the shade, hasn't rained for a week and you see that Greensfelder has a rating of 'unknown' then most likely it's just fine and it's simply a case of no one taking the time to update the rating. Remember, after 3 days we have a 'logic rule' set up to roll out the last condition to prevent erroneous data from remaining on the site. You've probably seen other sites where their latest trail condition is three weeks old.


8. The last 5 or so 'trail descriptions' are listed in chronological order from date of most recent condition update so you can see the 'history' of the park condition rating.


Let's all get used to posting our knowledge to the main GORC site instead of in the traditional trail discussion categories. Those would best be suited for true discussions as opposed to trail status updates.



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