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Posted 04 September 2015 - 12:05 PM

In Colorado this summer me and other GORC members were able to make good use of sites like these for discovering trail info.

While we think we have a pretty good trails page here on our site, it seems like we should be represented on these other websites as well to get trail info out to as many as possible.

At the moment, STL doesn't have a lot to show. If you're interested, why not add a trail, or some content from the area to one of them? GORC is an admin for the STL area on both sites, so we want to try to get the info as accurate as possible. If you want to help with moderation/curation let me or Seamonkey know.



Greensfelder Cat Herder

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Posted 07 October 2015 - 08:26 AM

So, as we talked about at the meeting last night, all of our local info is now on trailforks.com. There is also a recently released mobile app.


Some interesting things you can do with the trail info:

-file reports of trail maintenance requirements through the app which will show the spot on the map along with any commentary.
-generate ride plans based on existing trails by choosing them and combining them into a route you want to ride.
-find out exactly where you are on a particular trail with Android and iOS apps.
-find new places to ride.
-create and post routes so others can find interesting rides they might not have thought of.
-link to your Strava or mapmyfitness accounts to contribute to trail usage statistics.
-make donations to a local trails group
-plan rides in other states/countries and be able to navigate unfamiliar trails.
Since the site and app are fairly new, a lot of additional features are being planned or existing ones updated, so it's fairly active development.
I've posted a few examples to look at:
If you want to contribute, you'll need a trailforks account. What would be especially helpful now would be some more routes, but any other info is welcome. If you have questions, you can post here, and I'll try to answer them, but there's a lot of good documentation on the site, and in the feedback forum, and the developers are very responsive.
In addition what we think is a cleaner presentation of trail data, here is some more info about the difference between trailforks and mtbproject that helped us make the decision to emphasize devoting resources to trailforks. It would still be nice to get our info on to mtbproject as well.
The original Trailforks was actually created before mtbproject and work on the new PB Trailforks began before it was released. Trailforks is world-wide, mtbp is mostly only focused on the USA. We are not tied to imba and lots of local clubs are not imba members. The 2 projects take different approaches, Trailforks is more wiki-like, mtbp is more strict on its submission and approval process by imba. We believe we have a much better product, features and the resources to make it succeed in becoming the definitive source for mtb trails online.
Mtbproject is also only partnered with imba, not run by it. Its created by a private company making money from adverts on the site and their deals site. Trailforks is also owned by a private company (Pinkbike), but the website itself has no adverts or requirement to generate revenue to be self supporting. Money generated through Trailforks through features like "Trail Karma" goes 100% to the trail associations.
There are other trail sites as well, but we strongly feel we could make something better and its something the PB audience has been asking for years.
And I will quote from the article above "Trailforks is created and supported by Pinkbike, a large, well known name in mountain biking that has the resources to make this project a success. With the experience of running a site used by millions, Pinkbike gives Trailforks the technical power to make the site fast and highly available. Pinkbike will ensure Trailforks' longevity, with no requirement for it to be self supporting. So many other trail sites have come and gone, never taken off, have paid access to useful data or are locally focused. Trailforks is free and world-wide."






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Posted 10 October 2015 - 07:42 PM

I have been working on uploading all of the local trails info to mtbproject.com since it went live. I have quite a few uploaded so far.

Brian Barton
Former Broemmelsiek park trail steward. 

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